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Improve Your Home & Your Environment in the Lower Mainland

So what is a “green product,” anyway? According to Global Green USA, for a product to be considered “green,” the materials must “save energy, conserve water, protect natural resources, contribute to a healthy indoor environment and reduce the impact on the community.”

At Gledstone Custom Upholstery, we recognize that our world is being bombarded with many harmful products, everything from simulated woods to synthetic plastics. The Gledstone family believes “going green” isn’t just a fad; it’s a smart way to do business and protect our environment.

So Eco, So Stylish!

Some of the ways we’re helping to limit our impact on the environment include the use of:

With Gledstone Custom Upholstery, you don’t have to trade living in a beautiful world for living in a beautiful home — you can have both! With fewer toxins entering our environment, we are doing our part to improve the quality of our air, soil, seas and streams.

Springs from Recycled Steel

Due to their superior reflexivity and time-tested longevity, all our springs are made of steel. Thankfully, steel can be recycled an infinite amount of times, greatly reducing its impact on the environment. That is why most of the steel in use today is from recycled materials.

Water-Based Glues

Compared to solvent-based glues, water-based glues are much less toxic, flammable and odorous. Water-based glues are also much better for our environment, emitting far less VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Natural Down & Feathers

We use feather and down fill from birds that are being raised for food and other purposes. This ensures no part of the animal goes to waste. All feathers and down receive a thorough cleaning with non-toxic cleansers before being placed into organic and natural filling cases.

Green Foam

We offer foam which is leading the industry in green technology. While conventional foam is made with PCBs (pholycholorinated biphenyls), green foam is less toxic and contains no chemical odours. The closed-cell chamber system also maximizes the foam’s ability to control emissions. Our green foam is made with a process called VPF (variable pressure foaming), which is the most environmentally-friendly process of foam available. All of this makes your furniture more durable, natural and more comfortable.

Organic & Natural Fabrics

We provide earth-friendly, quality designer fabrics which are organic and natural. Natural fabrics include cotton, silk, linen and wool. Organic fabrics include fabrics such as untreated cotton, seaweed, bamboo and hemp. Organic fabrics are also made in an environmentally-conscious way, using eco-friendly methods and materials that respect our natural environment.

Gledstone Custom Upholstery can help you make choices that are beautiful for your home interior and the world around us — get directions to our Surrey showroom today!

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