Interior Design

We have years of experience consulting with customers on home decor, and can help you make stylish decisions for your home. If you require more focused interior design help, we have a trusted circle of professionals that we can connect you with. Please inquire if you need services such as colour consultations, interior design or window coverings, and we will see that you are taken care of.


Custom Upholstery

Can’t find a specific piece of furniture you need? Dream it up yourself and our craftsmen will design, build and fabricate exactly what you want.

We also specialize in restoring furniture of all kinds, and know how to deal carefully with those special and delicate antique pieces. Keep in mind that restoring isn’t just meant for antiques. Putting some love into an old piece of furniture can make it seem like brand new and will last for years to come.

Our experience and ingenuity allow our team to take on projects of all kinds — all of which are completed on site, so there’s never any worry of a piece being damaged in transit. We offer both in-store and in-home consultations. Pick-up and delivery service is available.

Since 1946, it has been our mission to provide customers with custom-designed pieces they will cherish for generations. We also supply an assortment of time-tested brands and materials that ensure our craftsmanship truly lives up to its promise of quality.

We are proud to offer the following fabrics, among others in our showroom:

Maxwell Fabrics
J Ennis Fabrics
Robert Allen
Sunbrella® + Outdoor Fabrics

Eco Options

At Gledstone Custom Upholstery, we are an environmentally responsible business and offer sustainable options that protect the environment. Some of the ways we’re helping to limit our impact on the environment include the use of:

Water-Based Glues

Compared to solvent-based glues, water-based glues are much less toxic, flammable and odorous. Water-based glues are also much better for our environment, emitting far less VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Green Foam

We offer foam which is leading the industry in green technology. While conventional foam is made with PCBs (pholycholorinated biphenyls), green foam is less toxic and contains no chemical odours. Our green foam is made with a process called VPF (variable pressure foaming), which is the most environmentally-friendly process of foam available. All of this makes your furniture more durable, natural and more comfortable.

Natural Fabrics, Down & Feathers

We offer choices for natural, designer fabric choices which have been tested for harmful substances (standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified). All feathers and down used in our furniture are natural and receive a thorough cleaning with non-toxic cleansers before being placed into organic and natural filling cases.

Hair on Hides

Add a rustic, warm touch to your home with our cowhides. Versatile and elegant, our hides look great as rugs or wall decorations and can also be used in furniture upholstery.

Hide photos can be viewed in our online portfolio, but are best appreciated (and touched) in person.